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At Festivals

Hollywood 2023, Ayden is an actor who is ready to leave everything behind. He invites his closest friends to have one more celebration. Emotions arise. Starring: Kyle Devero, Chantal Jura, Carlos Moreno Jr, Jewel Greenberg and Chase Coleman

A smear creates a tear. Lipstick and laundry don't mix. Starring: Adriana Fricke and Bernardo Verdugo

At Festivals
Good Friday

Reservoir Dogs meet the surreal. Four con men, on the morning of Good Friday, kidnap an elusive icon who's more important to the world than the President. Tommy, the band's leader, conducts a bloody interrogation to locate a priceless and powerful jewel that he's been in search of for a lifetime. He knows that his captive is in possession of it and will do anything short of killing him to get the information he needs. His nemesis proves to be tougher than expected as the interrogation slowly unravels and goes hilariously awry.

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Sweet Blight Poster 2018.1.png
Sweet Blight

After eight years, Celisse confronts her assailant...once best friend... and her daughter's father. Can her daughter Maya, Celisse's SWEET BLIGHT, help her find beauty through tragedy.

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The Recruiter

1860's. The Recruiter is looking for a soldier in Texas, might be his last. A scene presentation to honor Mr. Cormac McCarthy, BLOOD MERIDIAN. Starring: Kyle Devero and Constantine Trakas.


Short film set in 1860 South Texas, ten miles east of the Rio Grande River. Fernando, a Tejano, has helped runaway slaves, Celeste and her son Rody by heading into Mexico from San Antonio, Texas. Fernando has fallen in love with Celeste and they desire a life with freedom in Mexico. However; Texas Rangers, Adam and Hunter, not only capture Celeste and Rody but apprehend Fernando to see his fate. Starring Zac Titus, Angela Nesbit, Rob Selerno, Carlos Moreno Jr and introducing Nicholas Walker


Feature is in the works. :)

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Absence won't heal pain....

Claudette's son, Zach, lost his battle with cancer. A year later,  Zach's baseball coach, Ed, meets Claudette and reveals his sorrow.  Dedicated to Quentin Bertand

Starring: Sandra Teles and Carlos Moreno Jr 

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An artist, (Gary O'Brien) finds his real destiny while attempting to end his life, making people feel great at their lowest point through inspirational messages.

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Greg, (Matt Grace) and Flor's(Ana Belibasis) have a stagnant, typical relationship and live in a suburb of Los Angeles where neighbors talk daily and help each other out. On this Friday morning, Flor has been called in to work and has to cancel plans with Greg. On her way out, she meets her nosy neighbor, Cristina, (Adriana Fricke) who hands her a letter from a fertility clinic. Embarrassed yet catty, she drives to work only to observe kids with parents going to school.  Her desiring a child leads her to drive back home to Greg whom is still in bed waiting...

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Maxomino, a charming young man seeks to avenge his long lost love, but is he ready to face what he is most afraid of? Starring: Carlos Moreno Jr, Karen Dyer, Toney Menke and Jossara Jinaro

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