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PEPITO'S AMERICA is comedy series based on the jokes of the legendary funny character kid from "Pepito Jokes." Now, a grown man living in Los Angeles, Pepito is many times the trouble. Pepito often gets into shifty predicaments from which he manages to escape, by using his charm, wit, irony or sometimes just plain luck. Through animated flashbacks, we also get to see those wicked jokes we so adore. Meet his hilarious friends, family, and other new characters we never thought he'd be involved with.

NO, GUEY JOSE - TAYLOR, an irascibly racist Border Patrol Agent, finds himself South of the Border without his passport due to an abduction and is held captive by one of Mexico's Cartels. He is suddenly reliant upon another captive, JOSE, a wiry young Mexican national, to save his life from the cartels and return him safely to the Texas border.


Jose, who seeks his fortunes in the US, uses this opportunity to aid Taylor and in return hopes Taylor reciprocates once they reach Texas. Along this twisted and dusty path, Taylor undergoes a transformation of character, learning to respect the Mexican culture and integrity of his rescuer, and also in due time, falls in love with MARIBEL, Jose's sister. 


Please enjoy this small scene from NO, GUEY JOSE with Jolie Oliver as Chief McCook and Kyle Devero as Agent Taylor.


AGUA-LIBRE - 1860 South Texas, ten miles east of the Rio Grande River. Fernando, a Tejano, has helped runaway slaves, Celeste and her son Rody by heading into Mexico from San Antonio, Texas. Fernando has fallen in love with Celeste and they desire a life with freedom in Mexico. However; Texas Rangers, Adam, and Hunter, not only capture Celeste and Rody but apprehend Fernando. Fernando's fate is uncertain. The southern underground railroad existed and many slaves met freedom crossing the mighty Rio Grande River.


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